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The Blue-Bot Project: Using Semi-autonomous Robots to Save Coral Reefs

I remember that, though of humble origin, the sea was always the living pantry. The memories of my uncles spear-fishing in the waters off Inch Marlowe are fond memories. Unfortunately, they are just that, memories! My children love visiting Barbados. However, their ancestral waters do not have the abundance of life I recalled. They cannot live the childhood that I had and that saddens me.” Antonio Hollingworth

Bajan Digital Creations Inc (BDCI) is the first company to use underwater robots in the Caribbean. BDCI is founded by S. Antonio Hollingsworth a Chemical and Process Engineer, and his Co-Founder Stacy Phillips who is Brand Strategist with over twenty years of experience in communications.

The Barbadian company was a winner of the 2020 UNDP Accelerator Lab for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Blue Tank Challenge with their proposal for “The Blue-Bot Project.” The project focuses on coral reef monitoring and mapping uses robotics and artificial intelligence to help in reef conservation.

The Intended Impact

The Increased availability of data on coral reefs in the Caribbean will better equip decision and policy makers to protect and restore this diminishing resource.

How It’s Done

Semi-autonomous robots are deployed up to 200 feet below the water’s surface in Barbados to track specific reef-associated fish species.

Podcast Outline

Joining me is Mr. Antonio Hollingsworth, CEO, Bajan Digital Creations Inc.

We talk about the amazing work of the BlueBot Project, the non-human staff members, and his teams work to study and protect Caribbean reefs. Antonio discusses his fascinating career, which has taken him from working as an engineer to becoming a CEO working in marine conservation.

Listen to Podcast

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